Monday, December 3, 2007

Now What?!

So, no House this week, or the week after that, or...

What will you do? I have tomorrow night to pout, and that's it. The 11th is my sister's birthday. The 18th, two parties. The 25th, Christmas. The 1st? When does House return??

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

right choice???

I too am happy to see that Bitch isn't going to be part of the team as she was really getting on my nerves... but honestly did he make the best choice. She's good at what she does and provides competitive interest, unlike the two knucklehead men on the team. Bald Guy is a wash and reminds me of a lost puppy... remember that little yapper dog from Bugs Bunny that jumped back and forth over the bull dog? Yeah, that's him. He's not very confident in my opinion and has little ambition to be better than just meeting the mark. And the guy from the Whitecastle movie is just a moron. Really. What really has he said that was intelligent? He's like a college geek on crack. The only choice I'm pleased with is lucky Number 13. I think she's got what it takes to be part of the team and yet she's got that underlying stuff that's going to drive House crazy. Possibly even a little love interest for House proving for a good cat fight with Cameron at some point. Maybe it'll even become a cat tail chase with Number 13 sniffing after Chase, Chase chasing Cameron, Cameron pining for House, and House drooling over Number 13.


So finally perhaps things will settle back to some sort of normal in House-land. I suppose it is uncharitable of me, but I'm glad to see Amber go—she got on my nerves. On the other hand, we can't be really sure she'll be gone. perhaps she'll sue House and the hospital for unfair employment/hiring practices and creating a hostile workplace. The we could have more courtroom scenes this year.

I am aggrieved that we won't get any new episodes until January. I don't like the way Fox stops and starts throughout the year with its various series.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catching Up and Looking Forward

So Friday night I saw the episode from two weeks ago. This Friday I'll see last week's episode. Then I'll be caught up. And I am going to be home for tonight's episode. Projects at hand: a colorwork hat for a LYS and a Revontuli shawl in Noro Silver Thaw.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Seeing Red

No, no, not really. I loved last night's episode! I was sorry to see "him" fired (no spoilers), but the bit with Cuddy's panties was a hoot! I knitted, frogged, and knitted some more. I just started my sister's either birthday or Christmas gift, depending on when it gets finished. I'd post a photo, but ten rows into a laceweight scarf isn't very exciting.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, November 16, 2007

This Week?

Ack! I missed this week's House due to a run-in between my cat Sparky and a ball of Koigu. Both the cat and the yarn emerged unscathed, but I spent about 90 minutes following the Koigu trail around furniture legs, in and out of the bathtub, etc. Does anyone have an update on what I missed?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sooo good!

Last night's episode was so good.. .and please someone remind me of where I know the CIA doc from... She wasn't on 24 was she?? And I was totally had... I seriously thought she came to the hospital for a night of nooky with House!

I worked on my Chewyghan, I had intended this afghan for something else, but now think it won't be going further than our couch... and I'm not even going to feel guilty about that...

Hope your knitting progress is coming along nicely! :-)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Why oh why did I fall for a show on Tuesday nights? Better yet, why did they decide my once-a-month Tuesday night meeting didn't need to end at 8:30pm? Luckily for them, I am nearly a life member and am not opposed to just wandering out of the meeting early, so I can be home in time to House.

The Knight (my Knitter's Knight, aka: my husband) is not amused; the standing rule for years has been that after said meeting, I pick up Arby's on my way home. Last night, I announced that he'd have to figure out something for dinner, because I wasn't going to miss the first few minutes of House to pick up fast food.

DSCN0621 Here's a shot of the formerly invisible possibly Cuddy bag. It's much bigger than I anticipated, but she'd have room for a small handbag, her workout clothes, shoes and a towel... See my blog for more info on the big project.

Tonight, I plan to finish up a dog sweater (way too small for Wilson's dog), and wind the yarn for the Knight's first pair of knitted socks. If I'm lucky, I'll even get to cast on.

And you??

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here are the pictures of the Mystery Scarf.

Here are the pictures. The KAL is being done through the Shawls and Scarves Etc group on yahoo.

Day 1-Side A

Day 1-Side B

Day 2-Side A

Day 2-Side B-Note the Life Line

The life line is in case the scarf isn't long enough. I haven't decided who I am giving this to so I will keep it in until I decide.

Day 3-Side A

Day 2-Side B-Note the Life Line

I am enjoying this scarf as it really different from the others that I have knitted. I am looking forward to see how this is going to look at the end of this KAL which is finished on October 31.


Good Morning Angels!

What's with all the Charlie's Angels references lately? House, ER, last season of Hell's Kitchen...very strange.

Although it's a lousy picture of my Cameron sweater, I was knitting it in an appropriate place: the hospital. Now if only I could get one of the doctors to hang it around their necks!

On another note, while waiting for House to come on, I caught the tail end of Bones. I've never really watched this show before, but check out the socks on Booth (?).

Friday, October 26, 2007

I thought it was a fab episode!

I started knitting a baby cardigan and working on a mystery shawl, that will be done in time from October 31. i have no idea what this will be. I have done Days 1 & 2 already. I have taken pictures, I just need to upload them to the computer. I love that the team is back and it will be interesting what happens. I dropped my jaw when the black Mormon punched House. I never thouhgt he had it in him. Should be interesting.

Anything Knitted and Crocheted

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Close Your Eyes...

Okay, so that makes this whole blog-reading thing too tricky, but I did indeed finish the mysterious Anne's bag during House this week! If you REALLY care, I already have the post written, and just need for her to receive her package so I can post about the saga. I'll give you a hint - pre-felting, the monster was a whopping 34"x 24". (I don't think Anne pops over here, or I wouldn't even share that much.)

I'm hoping that by next House, I'll be knitting on the Knight's Fred socks, but I have to finish the snuggle (a dog blankie) I just started, make another small one, AND a tiny dog sweater first!

Reactions: I *KNEW* the team was coming back. Cameron and her compassion are fine in the ER, especially with this new, great, evil streak of wagering with House about his current crop of applicants. Foreman has to battle House often; it's a rites of passage gone wrong thing. Foreman is more like House than he cares to admit, and how he handles that reality will be fun to watch. Personally, I think Chase needs to keep an eye on Cameron, because I don't think she's over her attraction to House, and because I love to hear Chase talk.

I'm not crazy about any of the new applicants. Bosley was fun, and I do hope he'll hang around in some capacity. I don't like either of the women; both espouse stereotypes I fought hard to avoid as a female in the fire service. You don't have to be a bitch to get ahead, nor does that kind of demeanor earn respect. And I cannot stand elusive for the sake of mystery, and that's what #13 is doing, as near as I can tell. We're all supposed to be waiting with baited breath for her big secret to come out, but I like me some breath mints, so you'll find no bait here.

More Cuddy and Wilson. This week's show proved that they are probably my two favorite non-House characters. Cuddy flies in the face of convention, but she's strong and reads House well. Wilson is a loyal friend, but not the push-over I once thought. I really missed them, and while I realize it's not even really an hour-long show, watching Cuddy play with Foreman didn't satisfy me. I need to see her cut House off at the knees and receive a cutting retort in return for it to really feel like House, the show!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm so glad that the whole team is back... though my hubby was like 'why are they there??? I thought they were all leaving the show...' He's not so sure that it will work to have them all there... I kind of agree... I'm floored that Cameron would be content in the ER... Chase doesn't surprise me, but Foreman as a boss to House?!?! That will be exciting... or did I understand that incorrectly ;-)

Last night was pretty hilarious Wendy.. I totally agree... I absolutely LOVE when House calls the girls #13 and Cut-throat Bitch.. I laugh out loud every time he says cut-throat bitch... it's just hilarious! I really like the team he has... the poor single dad guy puts up with so much crap.. though in my opinion isn't a good replacement for Foreman... I do like him though... I am really sad that they cut Bosley... I'd be happy to see his rival go though... but I do see how they can't really keep Bos either.. of the remaining guys... I like the 'other visible minority' as House would say... better...

My predictions for the final three are #13, (she's very similar to Cameron in her 'mysterious' nature), and the two 'visibly minority' guys... cut-throat is such a suck up that I think House won't want to keep her... and the other non-minority guy is sort of blah.. there's nothing that stands out in my mind.. and then the one who always argues with Bosley.. well, he just bugs me and I think his constant arguing will be a turn off for House...

What do y'all think?

Oh yeah.. this is a knitting blog...

I got a lot of knitting done on my middle guys' halloween 'Bat' hat during last nights episode... :-)

The Crew is Back????

EEEWWWW!!! How excited were you all that the man is back? I squeeled with excitment last night as he walked into Cuddy's office. Honey and I also laughed so much throughout this episode. I don't remember any other episode being so funny! I loved every minute of it!

And to boot, I got a lot done on my felted bag. I'm now ready to work on the handels.
I'm only working on the bag during the show. It's such an easy knit in the round - perfect for paying attention to all the little details in the show. (Loved the part where the old guy said next time he would provide more visuals! I'm very sad that he had to go.)

Outside of watching House, I've finished a pair of socks. You can check in on my blog hopefully later today to get more details if you're truely interested. But here they are:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I May Call This House Day

I started the Pallete Fair Isle Sweater...barely! After doing so many pairs of socks, casting on those 330 stitches (a few times because I'm a dope) took forever! Today I'll start the color so that will have the illusion of going faster.

In the meantime, I'm going on a yarn diet!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Check out my blog

It's been a long day and I've finally finished posting on my own blog... so head on over there an check out what I'm working on currently and how far along I've gotten. I hope the bags and the socks will count. Well, once they're finished that is.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I finished the Calorimetry.

I knit most of it through House and a meeting. My husband and I watch it together, however, I have to watch it on my own as well. So we tape it because hubby's at rehearsal on Tuesdays.

I knit this Noro Kureyon in color 40. I have matching Thrummed mitts to go with this. These are almost done. What is left to do is the thumbs. I though I would finish those during House on Tuesday. I would like to finish them before my knitting group on Thursday. I need to do show and tell..hehe.

So with out further adue here are pictures:
The front:

The side: Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thuja Sock Progress

I made some progress knitting the Thuja socks on Tuesday night. I'm knitting them using fingering weight yarn for size my brother's 13 wide feet. Its an easy pattern and I hope to be done with them by next week.

I agree with those that don't like Cameron's hair. If she wanted to go blonde, she should have gotten highlights. I think she would look better. I'm liking the new hire process House is making the newbies go through. It's breathing new life into the show. I see House hiring the former vet doctor. Even though she made that horrendous mistake(doctors in hospitals don't give patients their meds...nurses do that), she made the correct diagnosis. I see a love triangle with House, the former vet doctor, and Amber(she's the ruthless newbie).

Invisible Work In Progress

My House KAL item is something I can't "flash." The recipient isn't a member of the KAL, but I can't rule out her potential to wander over here... (Yes Michelle, *YOU* know what it is!) I'd say I'm about a quarter of the way through it. I didn't work a stitch on it last night because I cast on the second sock (for one of the twin applicants, maybe?), only to realize after I'd gotten past the toe that I'd cast on DOUBLE the stitches for the toe. Dang.

As for Dr. House... The less he says, the more likely it is that he did have a religious experience/sighting. That's my opinion, anyway.


I can't believe I surfed my way (beginning on Ravelry) to this blog. I'm excited to be here. I love House, just got the first two seasons on DVD and can't wait to watch them. I didn't see many of them when they were new, because I had classes that night. So, this week I worked on my "Faith jacket" from Sally Melville's color book. It's called that because it's a shape common to liturgical garments. Very appropriate for this episode with House's experiment in religious experience...... Does that put me in a House category this week?
I agree about Cameron's hair color, though her personality does come through as a blonde!

Finished two 'Chase' items

Here are the pumpkin hats I completed for a Baby gift and for my niece :-) Two Chase's down... maybe I need to pick something different for my next House knit... :-)

And just as a comment.. I've tried to figure out how to edit the html to add the pics of a little stethescope.. and I'm having more trouble than I should... I'll keep at it, but can't promise I'll figure it out...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time for a report

Flash your works in progress or completed objects...

For any object you work on during House... once completed, you'll earn your stethoscope! I'm not picky... you don't have to ONLY knit on your 'House' projects DURING House episodes... otherwise it will take me ALL season to finish something ;-)

I've actually completed two hats.. I just forgot to photograph the first, and gave it to my Niece already... so this second one, which is the same... I'll be sure to photograph it and post!

Can't wait to see what you're up to!

PS... do you think House saw something??

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This will be fun!

House addicts in the house! We record each episode on the DVR and wait until my husband, daughter and I can all sit down and watch it together. Don't know why that is, but any other way feels like cheating!
My first thought was to knit the Bad Juju Doll from the Anticraft because I'm sure that each of the staff would like one of these with House's name on it!
Once I saw the list of choices, however, I decided to knit Cameron the Pallete Fair Isle Cardi from KnitPicks.
Now, where did I put that pattern....


Monday, October 8, 2007

Thank you for the invite. I have Seasons 1 and 2 of House on dvd. I really like this show. I think this is going to be a fun knitalong. Right now I'm working on the Thuja socks from knitty. I think that puts me in Wilson's category.


Hi thanks for including me in this. I love House and couldn't wait for it to start up again. I am really upset about the fact of the crew not being there any more.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Developments

Last night while watching House (and Bones before that) I worked on a shawl from Wrapped in Comfort, which I'm making in Noro Transitions. I'm not sure which House character it goes with--but no doubt one of the 30-odd job applicants would be a fit. I DID finish the socks I was working on during last week's House, but I don't know whether they count as a finished House project since I worked on them at other times as well.

I felt a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of characters on this week's episode, but there are a few I hope will become regulars--particularly the older fellow who audited all those med school classes, but never got a degree. I'm interested to see how things will develop between him and House. (Will House have to be more defertial to an "elder"?)

I vote "no" on Cameron's new haircolor. What is it with all these brunettes who go blonde? To me they always seem warmer and more approachable with their original hair color.

Thank goodness we got a small Cameron and Chase fix. But I'm getting nervous that we really have lost Foreman.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

week 2 progress

Maybe we can all edit this post to include a photo of your progress so far and a short comment.

Wendy - Off to a rocky start. had to frog after a few rows cause I forgot that the pattern called for a double strand held together. Plus a very sick Honey who is helping his parents with the building of the house called (silly boy, didn't he realize House was on?). Progress so far: bottom of bag:

What do I get?

For every completed object you knit during the 2007-2008 House season you'll earn:

next to your name...

what do you think???


Ok... episode 2 tonight... everyone ready? Wendy, do you have Tivo or DVR ready? Or is hubby ready to tape for you??

I'm going to update the blog today with a list of the various suggestions for each of our team 'knits'... and will have my icons ready for each of the knit items! :-) Take a look see sometime later this afternoon (my morning is crammed with school volunteering and a hair appointment at long last!)

Tonight I'll be knitting a House scarf most likely.. though a Chase may be in order too, my SIL is coming this weekend and her youngest just had a birthday, and I owe a gift...

Need for Additional Treatment

Folks, Dr. House and his team obviously know how "sick" we are; while suffering through wrestling (hush! we all have our vices, and I knit through his) with the Knitter's Knight, we did learn that on Fridays at - don't quote me - 10pm on USA network, House will be on in syndication!

So, tonight I'll be working on the secret bag and my shrug. Can't wait!

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm all set for tomorrow night

I'm all ready for House tomorrow night. Today I went out and got the yarns that I need to make the largest size in this:It's really a Christmas gift for someone, but I think it should qualify a a snazzy felted bag to represent Cuddy as well. Can't wait to see what everyone else will be working on... and seeing what happens this week on House!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hi all--

I am so stoked to be joining this group! I am ridiculously loyal to "my people" on the handful of shows I follow. In fact, that was the topic of my blog yesterday, if you want to check it out

Meanwhile, here's my suggestion for the knit garment Dr. House needs--minus the hole for the ponytail.




The basic 'patient' story line is that House is without help, Cuddy and Wilson both are urging him to interview candidates... but he refuses and makes a bet (with Cuddy) that he can solve the case within a day, if he fails, he gets clinic time of course.

The patient has been in a building collapse accident, her face is a disaster. Her boyfriend and estranged mother are by her side for nearly the whole show. The boyfriend is sad because they had been arguing right before the accident...and he witnessed the building collapse and rushed in to pull her from the rubble.

House does his usual white board diagnostics and ends up recruiting the Janitor to be his assistant (even giving him a coat and stethescope).. he has the janitor deliver news to the family and ask for family history (hilarious)... He does eventually get caught, and Cuddy begins helping House, which drives both of them nuts.

In the meantime, Wilson and House break into the patients home to collect samples. House gets Wilson to do the dirty work... House then discovers a 'secret' journal kept by the patient that indicates she had previously been depressed and not happy with her boyfriend/relationship. Of course House shares this info with the boyfriend.

Somewhere around here House's guitar gets 'kidnapped' by Wilson... who leaves funny randsome notes etc. stating that 'she' will be returned when he starts interviewing candidates... They begin a game of who can one up the other best... though it's not going the way Wilson really intended and gets more serious than it should...

House thinks that the symptoms she has may be due to some medication interactions which could be explained if the patient were on antidepressants... The boyfriend disagrees, but they treat her anyway and she appears to be getting better. You know the usual cycle of get better, crash, get better, crash.. well, this episode didn't skip that... The patient crashes a few times, each due to other medication interactions etc. one interaction is that she has an allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics she's on, and there's also one which is caused by the fact that she must have been an alcoholic and was going through withdrawl (the boyfriend adamantly refuses to believe she was an alcoholic)..., Eventually she bleeds out and they rush her into surgery... During Surgery House notices that the patients uterus is enlarged and barges into the surgery and gets a good look and determines that she had recently had an abortion.

When he comes out of surgery the boyfriend is waiting with another friend... the boyfriend of one of the patient's co-workers who had just passed away. House thinks that it's weird that the guy is still hanging around... he then 'reluctantly' hahaha shares the new information with the boyfriend who is very upset. The two had wanted to have children, why would she have an abortion... ? He tells House that he wants House to tell Liz (the girlfriend) that he's glad she'll be better... and leaves.

The next day (oh yes.. I should note that House lost the bet, however they never talked about the clinic again...I'm sure it will come up eventually)...

Anyway, the next day House visits a cancer patient of one of Wilson's... he's undergoing his first day in a 5-day chemo regiment... he MOVES the patient with the offer of cable and better looking nurses to a nicer room on a different floor...

He then goes to his office and thinks... wilson eventually shows up pissed off about his missing patient... explaining that this is much more serious than a missing guitar because it's a persons life.. Something in his speech gets House all riled up and he tells Wilson where the patient is and leaves... I'm a little vague on some of the details here...

He shows up at the patients room, and find the boyfriend has returned and so has the mom... He then asks them some questions... the gist of which is that it's odd that she had an allergic reaction to a medication she had just recently taken, it's odd that she never told her boyfriend about the antidepressants or that she was an alcoholic,... none of this stuff is even documented in her medical records.. (except that she had recently had the antibiotic with no reactions documented)... he then pulls out another medical record... of a woman, the friend and co-worker of Liz, which states that she was an alcoholic, on antidepressants, had a recent abortion and was allergic to the antibiotic...

it's all been a case of mistaken identity... she had a similar build, and hair color as Liz...

The mom and boyfriend are extremely upset because they realize this means that their Liz has indeed died, and that the boyfriend who'd hung around the previous day was morning the loss of his girlfriend who's actually alive...

Eventually you get a clip of House talking to a group of people who you cannot see... he tells them that this will be the longest and most painful interview process they've ever undergone... that they should look to either side of them and realize that at the end of the next 60 days one of them will be gone...

They then pan out to a HUGE room of people...

I might have screwed some of that up.. but that's the basic gist of it...
This episode was based (in my opinion) on a case of mistaken identity last spring involving two blonde girls who'd been in a bus or van accident on a college trip...

It was great episode!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cuddy, Foreman and House

Slight change of opinion for the esteemed Lisa Cuddy. She wants one of these, but in black. Another House fan in the office suggested Cuddy needs a tote big enough to carry around all of the paperwork for the current lawsuit involving her brightest and most problematic staff member. Personally, I'm sure she has a Coach briefcase, but she would be open to some knitterly style in a handbag...

For House, I propose that either Cuddy finally turns up pregnant and knits through her pregnancy hormone surges and makes him a rather plain-john, sturdy scarf, or his mother will be prescribed knitting by her own therapist, and will send her son the same basic, beginner knitter's scarf in a rather uninspired heather grey.

Foreman? In an effort to prove how unlike House he is, he'll sign up for a knitting class at the Y. Always the overachiever, his first project will be a nice wrap for his mother, but it's in a worsted mohair, so it's do-able!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OOoh I have an idea

And that's saying a lot because lately I've been fairly brain dead...

I'm involved (and keep forgetting to post to and update) the Hat along group. For each 3 hats you knit (aka a hat trick) you get a little icon of a hat posted next to your name..

How about...

You knit ANY pattern in the following categories:

Cuddy: Felted Bag
Cameron: Studious sweater
Chase: Ski Hat (or really any hat)
Foreman:?? what to knit that's Foremanesque...
Wilson: Socks (because you know he wears cool handknit socks)
House: hmm still debating this one... Cane covers? hahaha... he likes pain... he wouldn't want a squishy cover... hmmm a Vicodin bottle?? Something medical (I have some cool links to patterns for a Uterus or a breast)... any suggestions?

with each completed knit in a category you'll get some sort of icon (I still haven't determined what) next to your name... Maybe a stethescope or something :-)

5 hours and counting!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ballet Wrap Sweater aka the 'Cameron'

Here's a pattern I purchased for myself, and seeing as I have only ever knit 1 thing for myself before (namely scarves) I want to knit this for myself as a christmas present. To me it's a trendy sort of 'scrubs' like sweater that seems comfy yet sophisticated like our dear Cameron..

what do you think?

My two cents...

I really should be working right now, but my mind is wondering all around my 'to knit' list to see if anything might fit the theme of House. I'm so excited about this!

There are these cute slippers that I would like to make for my mom for Christmas... maybe they could fall under "hospital patient slippers"? I also, like Chan, have a few felted bags that I'd like to do that I think might fit the personality of Cuddy. I'm thinking maybe a ski cap for Chase?? A studious and yet sassy looking vest for Cameron?? hmmmmmm... I'll keep thinking....

My Personal Opinion

Well, since I started the group, I'll share my opinion, but really... I'm happy to do anything here..

I have a TON of things on my to-knit list,.. and the idea of having 1 hour to just knit away on my projects is great... but I completely understand if folks want to do a traditional knit along...

Chan recommended a good sturdy felted bag to be the 'Cuddy' and I have a ballet wrap on my list for me that could very well be a "Cameron'...

Anyone have a suggestion for a Dr. House, Chase or Foreman?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What kind of 'along' should we have?

So... I (and others who commented on my other blog) am wondering.. what sort of 'along' should we have...

Should it be... knit whatever you're in the mood for during the show? Or are you all looking for something to knit together as a group?...

We could vote for various patterns...
We could have a few to pick from... like the 'House', or the 'Cameron' or 'Chase'... 'Cutty'... you get the gist...

Anyone have an opinion?


House fans,

I love Dr. Gregory House, and I know that starting Tuesday, with the season premiere I'll be knitting along weekly... won't you join me.

Word of warning... I'm going to be lazy about posting here with regard to knitting progress... I'm semi limited to computer time... so I will post when I can! If you want to join along, just email me at 5malachrunners (at) gmail (dot) com

Oh... please do grab a button... :-) (that's how all this started isn't it Chan!)