Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OOoh I have an idea

And that's saying a lot because lately I've been fairly brain dead...

I'm involved (and keep forgetting to post to and update) the Hat along group. For each 3 hats you knit (aka a hat trick) you get a little icon of a hat posted next to your name..

How about...

You knit ANY pattern in the following categories:

Cuddy: Felted Bag
Cameron: Studious sweater
Chase: Ski Hat (or really any hat)
Foreman:?? what to knit that's Foremanesque...
Wilson: Socks (because you know he wears cool handknit socks)
House: hmm still debating this one... Cane covers? hahaha... he likes pain... he wouldn't want a squishy cover... hmmm a Vicodin bottle?? Something medical (I have some cool links to patterns for a Uterus or a breast)... any suggestions?

with each completed knit in a category you'll get some sort of icon (I still haven't determined what) next to your name... Maybe a stethescope or something :-)

5 hours and counting!!!

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