Monday, February 4, 2008


How many of you stayed up and watched the special episode after the Super Bowl! (I'm the obnoxious one in the front row raising her hand a bit too vigorously...)

I thought it was great. My favorite line was the last one, "But I call her Amanda" or something of the sort. I didn't see it coming! Now I'm really tickled, because the Knight pointed out that tomorrow night, we get another new episode. Goody, goody.

Maybe THIS time, I won't be grumbling while I re-knit the two days of knitting I'd had to frog because I can't read a pattern. Sigh.

See the upper right corner, with the rolling under stockinette? Yeah, I know. I've certainly been knitting long enough to know that stockinette requires a couple of garter stitches on the side to hold it down. Duh?? I changed needles too. I switched up to my #8 Bryspuns, and all in all, I'm much happier, aside from the fact that I'd done about a quarter of the thing before I realized the problem! At least I have another night of House to knit through...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 weeks and counting

Till the next 'all new' House. I saw an ad for it last night!