Thursday, October 25, 2007

Close Your Eyes...

Okay, so that makes this whole blog-reading thing too tricky, but I did indeed finish the mysterious Anne's bag during House this week! If you REALLY care, I already have the post written, and just need for her to receive her package so I can post about the saga. I'll give you a hint - pre-felting, the monster was a whopping 34"x 24". (I don't think Anne pops over here, or I wouldn't even share that much.)

I'm hoping that by next House, I'll be knitting on the Knight's Fred socks, but I have to finish the snuggle (a dog blankie) I just started, make another small one, AND a tiny dog sweater first!

Reactions: I *KNEW* the team was coming back. Cameron and her compassion are fine in the ER, especially with this new, great, evil streak of wagering with House about his current crop of applicants. Foreman has to battle House often; it's a rites of passage gone wrong thing. Foreman is more like House than he cares to admit, and how he handles that reality will be fun to watch. Personally, I think Chase needs to keep an eye on Cameron, because I don't think she's over her attraction to House, and because I love to hear Chase talk.

I'm not crazy about any of the new applicants. Bosley was fun, and I do hope he'll hang around in some capacity. I don't like either of the women; both espouse stereotypes I fought hard to avoid as a female in the fire service. You don't have to be a bitch to get ahead, nor does that kind of demeanor earn respect. And I cannot stand elusive for the sake of mystery, and that's what #13 is doing, as near as I can tell. We're all supposed to be waiting with baited breath for her big secret to come out, but I like me some breath mints, so you'll find no bait here.

More Cuddy and Wilson. This week's show proved that they are probably my two favorite non-House characters. Cuddy flies in the face of convention, but she's strong and reads House well. Wilson is a loyal friend, but not the push-over I once thought. I really missed them, and while I realize it's not even really an hour-long show, watching Cuddy play with Foreman didn't satisfy me. I need to see her cut House off at the knees and receive a cutting retort in return for it to really feel like House, the show!

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