Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Why oh why did I fall for a show on Tuesday nights? Better yet, why did they decide my once-a-month Tuesday night meeting didn't need to end at 8:30pm? Luckily for them, I am nearly a life member and am not opposed to just wandering out of the meeting early, so I can be home in time to House.

The Knight (my Knitter's Knight, aka: my husband) is not amused; the standing rule for years has been that after said meeting, I pick up Arby's on my way home. Last night, I announced that he'd have to figure out something for dinner, because I wasn't going to miss the first few minutes of House to pick up fast food.

DSCN0621 Here's a shot of the formerly invisible possibly Cuddy bag. It's much bigger than I anticipated, but she'd have room for a small handbag, her workout clothes, shoes and a towel... See my blog for more info on the big project.

Tonight, I plan to finish up a dog sweater (way too small for Wilson's dog), and wind the yarn for the Knight's first pair of knitted socks. If I'm lucky, I'll even get to cast on.

And you??

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