Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Need for Additional Treatment

Folks, Dr. House and his team obviously know how "sick" we are; while suffering through wrestling (hush! we all have our vices, and I knit through his) with the Knitter's Knight, we did learn that on Fridays at - don't quote me - 10pm on USA network, House will be on in syndication!

So, tonight I'll be working on the secret bag and my shrug. Can't wait!


Michelle said...

Ahhh, something for the Friday nights when John goes out of town! Yes!

Wendy said...

Oh that sounds so nice. But alas, when Honey and I are home on Friday nights we watch Monk and Psych.

Cora said...

Monk is great. He reminds my of my dh as he has aspberger syndrome. This really does make life interesting. We get to see house on the Mystery channel on the weekends in addition to the regular Tuesday show. I absolutely love the show.


(PS: Does anyone know why I am not allowed to post?)