Wednesday, November 28, 2007

right choice???

I too am happy to see that Bitch isn't going to be part of the team as she was really getting on my nerves... but honestly did he make the best choice. She's good at what she does and provides competitive interest, unlike the two knucklehead men on the team. Bald Guy is a wash and reminds me of a lost puppy... remember that little yapper dog from Bugs Bunny that jumped back and forth over the bull dog? Yeah, that's him. He's not very confident in my opinion and has little ambition to be better than just meeting the mark. And the guy from the Whitecastle movie is just a moron. Really. What really has he said that was intelligent? He's like a college geek on crack. The only choice I'm pleased with is lucky Number 13. I think she's got what it takes to be part of the team and yet she's got that underlying stuff that's going to drive House crazy. Possibly even a little love interest for House proving for a good cat fight with Cameron at some point. Maybe it'll even become a cat tail chase with Number 13 sniffing after Chase, Chase chasing Cameron, Cameron pining for House, and House drooling over Number 13.

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