Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I May Call This House Day

I started the Pallete Fair Isle Sweater...barely! After doing so many pairs of socks, casting on those 330 stitches (a few times because I'm a dope) took forever! Today I'll start the color so that will have the illusion of going faster.

In the meantime, I'm going on a yarn diet!


Betty said...

I just received my pallette to knit the same sweater. I will be posting progress at patrioticcrab.blogspot.com once I start. I'm involved in Secret of the Stole and have downloaded instructions for the Halloween Mystery Shawl and Muir Knitalong. I also owe my swap pal Harvest Socks (I knit one and she knits the second). I'd love your web blog location to see how you are doing. My email is jeremiah1300@mac.com and I'm Betty from Hawaii.

Michelle said...

Wow... look at all those pretty colors@ I hope you'll post some progress here :-)